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Residual Current Circuit Breaker

Product name : Residual Current Circuit Breaker

Item : F360 RCCB

Details :

F362N 2P

F364N 4P

F362S 2P

F364S 4P


F360 series Residual Current Circuit Breaker


The item is in accordancewith standardsof VDE0664, CEE27 and BS 4293 etc., applying to thecircuit of AC 50/60Hz, 240V single phase, 415V three-phase and below it for industrial andmining enterprise, building trade, commerce  and family. To mainly prevent electric fire and personal casualty accident causedby personal electric shock or leakage of electrified wire netting, this ELCBis a current-operated, fast leakage protectorof pure electromagnetic type, which can break off faultcircuit rapidlyin orderto avoid occurrence of accident. The item is precisein structure,  less elements, without auxiliary power andhigh working reliability. The function of theswitch won't be influenced by ambient temperature and lighting. The mutual inductor of the item is usedto test vector differential value of passing current, and producesare levantoutput power and add it differential value of protectedcircuit of personal electric shockis up to or over leakage operating current, the tripper will act and cut off so that the item will take effectof protection.

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