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Motor Siren

Product name : Motor Siren

Item : MS-290A

Details :

Moter Siren with the external diameter of 80/100mm which makes the output of 40W sound volume.
Suitable for warning information of small hoist, light transfer cars and the inside of small vessel.
Body standard color : RED
Material : STEEL & ABS
Insulation resistance : 100MΩ(at 500 VDC) 
Dielectric strength : 500VAC, 50/60Hz in 1 minute 
Protection class : IP44
 Technical Data
Model Voltage Current(A) Frequency(Hz) decibel Packing Size QTY Weight
MS-290A DC12V 5.8  60  116db 53.5*34*41.5 cm 24pcs 16kg
DC24V 2.1  60  116db 16kg
AC110V 1.6  60  116db 22kg
AC220V 0.8  60  116db 22kg




   Special motor  High-quality motor, rotating speed of 10000 rev / sec.
   Duration  Sustainable working hours to 40 minutes.

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